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to solve your workplace puzzle.

  our approach


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sosna witts will use its expertise and experience to solve your workplace requirements. Initially your project can feel like a  puzzle, with many issues requiring attention. Our approach is designed to deliver the optimal solution.


Through consideration of your workplace project, our design approach will first ask the right questions and then demonstrate the possibilities. Our approach will design your workplace allowing staff to excel and visitors to enjoy.


From the initial working brief, to an agreed programme of work, our process encourages on-going review and refinement through to an approved scheme. A process of collaboration will identify the possibilities and the optimal solution.


Five main questions will be answered, in detail, before implementation:

who is involved... what is the result... what are the costs... why is this optimal... how long will this take?


Our aim is to deliver the solution on time and on budget. We are very confident of this due to our approach to project management, achieving this consistently for clients. Talk to us, we would be happy to help solve your workplace puzzle.


"It's always the small pieces that make the big picture."


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